" Kotz-a-tó-ah, Smoked Shield, a Distinguished Warrior"
    George Catlin, 1884

    Caitlin's portrait of Kotsatoah is the striking figure of a man, tall and lean, yet powerful and fully developed. He is lithe, and he knows beyond any doubt of his great strength and vigor. He stands perfectly at ease, the long drape of his robe flowing with the lines of his body. His left hand rests upon his shield and holds a bow and arrows. His head is set firmly, and there is a look of bemused and infinite tolerance in his eyes. He is said to have been nearly seven feet tall and able to run down and kill a buffalo on foot. I should like to have seen that man, as Catlin saw him, walking toward me, or away in the distance, perhaps, alone or against the sky.

    The Way to Rainy Mountain, p 53

    See also Mammedaty.

    Find a picture of some ancestor of yours who died before you were born and about whom you have heard stories that make you wish you could have met him or her. Using this passage as a model, write a description of the picture that goes beyond (or through) the visual details to give a sense of what you admire and how you feel about this person.

    You don't need to do this exercise over the summer. We will do it in September.


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